The Battle of the BLs

  AAARRRGGGHHHH!!! I found myself challenged by all the different X-based learnings out there. But then as I read quite a few (too many in fact!) articles on the said topics, I started thinking about the IB itself. Teaching in a PYP school we come across all of these X-BLs. Yes, there IS a driving […]

Stars and Wishes

If only… In my ideal world, I would have iPads in my classroom for my kiddos so that they can use them regularly and tech usage would be student-centered instead of teacher-centric. But alas! I have just one iPad (mine) and one computer to work with (I guess I should be thankful I have that at least).   Now […]

Inquiry with Images in Room 102

Building Empathy Our unit of inquiry is ‘Sharing the Planet’ and we have been inquiring into living things, how they survive and our responsibilities towards them. In class, we have been reading books about plants, farm animals, pet animals, wild animals etc. During ‘story-time’, when asked where wild animals live, most of the students responded […]

A CRAPpy eye

Visuals, design and the eye “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Or is it? Well there are some who would agree to the quote, whereas others would not. When I think about pictures in this context I think about cave drawings and even the ones done by Ancient Egyptians. Does that mean everyone reads pictures the […]