The Power of Social Media in an Elementary classroom

Recently I was asked by Evin from the EdChange Global Classrooms team to blog on a topic related to global learning, virtual or social media connections, or any topic related to their past events. So here I am again after my disappearing act once I had submitted my COETAIL final project. This post is mostly […]

Empowering ourselves, students or both?

Engaged learners Why are we engaged in building a community? Because that is what COETAIL wants us to do? To have more followers/follow more people? Build numbers? To gain more knowledge? To learn from and with others? To take things forward and teach those skills to our students? ALL OF THE ABOVE?! Rather than focusing […]

Shaping generations, one life at a time…

The other day I read a post by Alfie Kohn where he says “We can’t answer the question “Is tech useful in schools?” until we’ve grappled with a deeper question: “What kinds of learning should be taking place in those schools?” He’s right but I’m also wondering why we are still stuck in the past regarding schools. […]

Play is the Highest Form of Research (Albert Einstein)

What is Play? Children are curious by nature and they make meaning of the world around them through play. Ask a common observer what they perceive when they walk into a preschool or kindergarten, they might say “Oh they’re just playing”. But ask an early childhood educator and you will get a whole different story. […]