and the learning continues…

Recently I had the opportunity to write for the blog 52 Weeks of Guided Inquiry. It was quite a learning experience for me, even though I have just got my feet wet. I plan to carry on this learning forward, I have already asked my school to order Guided Inquiry Design by Carol Kuhlthao and am looking forward to laying my hands onto it. I would suggest that you also have a read of this book. Of course Twitter as always has helped me through my flounderings as I followed 52GID. If you have not yet tried GID, do so now…before the summer break, so that you ponder on some great ideas before you go back to school in the fall. Please do share your experiences on Twitter at 52 GID and Guided Inquiry Design.

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My inception into GID

Diving into GID and

Reflect, reflect and reflect…

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