Empowering ourselves, students or both?

Engaged learners

Why are we engaged in building a community? Because that is what COETAIL wants us to do? To have more followers/follow more people? Build numbers? To gain more knowledge? To learn from and with others? To take things forward and teach those skills to our students? ALL OF THE ABOVE?!

team-386673_1280Rather than focusing on building my PLN, my focus has been on how I can learn from those that are in my PLN. That brings me back to the Golden Circle – Why do we need to build our PLN? I’ve mentioned this in one of my previous posts that I shied away from Twitter, thinking it was more of a celebrity platform. But thanks to Abby I have learned a lot over the last couple of years and I know for a fact that this learning will never stop. I’m a learner for life! It is this community that is helping me grow and move forward.

Initially when I started lurking on Twitter, I hardly knew what I was doing. But as Jeff says in his book and we were told in our very first course, we have to stop being lurkers. I started taking part in Twitter chats and then I took that a step further with the help of Lissa. She was the one who pointed out to me that we don’t need to experts on a topic to start conversations. The basic reason is to learn more about the said topic. Therefore I was a risk-taker and facilitated a couple of #AISQ8chat on various topics. Things that were fuzzy in my mind, started taking shape.


This was the reason I facilitated the #ISTEIntSch chat on professional development with Ryan. Even though I was not sure initially what I am doing, yet at the end of the day it is through this network that I become more knowledgeable. I do feel like a dunce at times when participating in the various Twitter chats. But I have learned to overcome those feelings (somewhat) and question at other times. It’s just like a two year old will ask a zillion questions a day but that dwindles as the child grows because the adults around either give an easy answer or don’t ask the child their perspective. So I’m learning to question and I’m telling my students to do the same.

Become responsible global citizens

tools-15539_1280My students are also slowly building their PLN while using the tools of digital citizenship, copyrights, information literacy, etc. They use these tools for their Seesaw blog foremost. But then we also have a class twitter account as our learning network (although it was not being used for a long time due to some class issues). And that is not the end, my students are partner-blogging, quadblogging, Skyping and so much more. I believe my students are becoming global citizens or at least going in the right direction. I do think they are gradually redefining learning with the use of technology in the classroom.

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