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I must be the greatest procrastinator around. I have been meaning to write and it’s not as if there was a mind block. I had plenty of ideas but for some reason or other, kept putting it off. Enough!!!


When I wrote my course 4 final post, my intent was for my students to be able to collaborate and communicate with others around the world to become better learners. I just did not realize what a challenge that would be. Parents are rightly worried about their child being safe online, but then that is a parent’s job right?! We tend to be worried about everything our children set out to do and at times forget that as kids we ourselves took some risks to learn new things. I guess that’s the case with online safety as well. But tell me, do we stop our kids from learning how to swim or cycle or cook or any other activity just because it might seem dangerous. NO! We teach them how to do it by giving them the tools and resources. So when it comes to the internet why do parents take this stance against it? Yet at the same time I see (some) parents letting their kids play online games without knowing who or what might be at the other end. I agree the internet is scary but we have to be ones teaching our students (and parents if need be) how to be balanced and knowledgeable thinkers.

As I moved countries, I realized I did not just move geographically but it was a whole new dimension of the mindset that I have come across. I’ve had some serious setbacks but I have learned to push back and come out the other side as a better person… with my passion intact.

moving forward…

For my Final Project I am concentrating on the global collaboration aspect of the ISTE Standards for students. Since I encountered resistance from some parents for my students to collaborate with others online, I thought hey, global collaboration applies to myself as well. When Ryan Harwood asked me to help facilitate the first of the International Schools ISTE Chats on Twitter, I jumped at the chance. We’ve had a second one based on professional development and looking forward to more.


Other than collaborating with Ryan, I am also collaborating with a couple of others. Jina Belnick, Mary Wade, Graham Baines, Olwen Millgate, Lyneth Rozzuell Magsalin, RajeshKripalani and myself have set up a blogging alliance. Each of us are spread all over the world but are united by our interest and passion of learning and teaching. We are still in our initial stages but growing with our ideas. More on that later.

What do I do now?

Since the school year started I have been teaching my students how to be good digital citizens. Being at an IB school helps, as the students are learning how to be good CITIZENS, period! We’ve watched videos from Common Sense Media as well as gone over quite a few lessons.

When Patrick Holt tweeted out as Danieal Longanetti and her Grade 2 started blogging using Seesaw and were looking for a class to blog with, I jumped at the chance because I was still looking for someone to collaborate with for my COETAIL final.

Our collaboration is finally coming along with the recent consent from parents in my classroom. I still cannot say how the final project will turn out but I’m moving forward.



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  1. Hi Rahila
    Very true, it is more of a cliché that ‘Internet is dangerous’. Incidents on internet are more like a plane crash, when it happens its every where in the news , despite the fact that its percentage is far low than road accidents. Likewise, studies have shown that the dangers linked to internet are mostly overblown, and more worst incidents are happening to kids at school e.g. bullying, molestation etc. Its more pragmatic to guide kids to handle the situation and make them aware about the norms and their responsibilities towards online world. As you have mentioned, you are already doing digital citizenship unit with your class, I think parents need to do same at home too. Here is a link that can be shared with parents for their awareness https://staysafeonline.org/stay-safe-online/for-parents/raising-digital-citizens

    1. Hi Sitwat,

      That’s a very apt analogy. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the link. At my current school there is no direct communication between parents and teachers. Everything goes through the admin. Therefore I’m focusing on my students and the best part is that whatever I am sharing in the classroom (for instance http://bit.ly/1u9D6rL), most of them are sharing it with their parents. So in some way I am able to get the message across. I will be sure to share your link too. Thanks again!

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