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I love John Dewey’s quote about learning from reflecting on our experiences and firmly believe in it. But I am taking it a step further – we don’t just learn from our experiences, when we engage in this amazing community, we learn from others as well. And we further learn and understand more by reflecting on ours as well as others’ experiences.

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This is why when I read the invitation on Jina’s blog for educators to collaborate, I jumped at the chance. I feel this is a tremendous opportunity for me to learn and grow and I would love for you all to do the same with me by reading these awesome blogs by these amazing educators.

Jina Belnick’s The Space of Jeans

Rajesh Kripalani’s therefore,

Mary Wade’s Honors Grad U

Lyneth Magsalin’s Teacher.learner.inquirer.

Graham Baines’s PYPChef

Olwen’s Not Just Up 2 U – Just Sayin’

I have been reading these blogs (along with quite a few others) for some time now and am highly influenced by what they are thinking and doing to make learning an authentic experience. When saying this, I mean not just for themselves but for their students and others around them as well. So please go ahead, read and enjoy!


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  1. Looking forward to sharing and learning with you, Rahila. How wonderful to connect with people all around the world to share questions and ideas!

  2. Hi Rahila,

    Thanks for the great resources! I briefly skimmed the blogs and loved how authentic and reflective they were. I can’t wait to take a closer look – after November 24, of course…

    Hope all is well!


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