Looking To The Future – (Course 3 Final Project Reflection – Part I)

This post will be in two parts.

Course 3 was by far the most interesting in the courses that we’ve done so far. For that matter all the choices for the Final Project got me excited and initially I had a difficult time deciding what I wanted to do.

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Putting Learning into Practice

Before I go on to talk about the final project, I want to share some exciting things that I have been trying my hand at. I used the knowledge from this course to help me with the Math Night coming up at our school. I created a poster using Piktochart (not my first time though) and a video to advertise the exciting event. I did have some help from a colleague in putting the video together. I still don’t know what others think of it since it’s been an extremely busy time of the year for most teachers…assemblies, DRAs, conferences, mentoring for PYP Exhibition, yada yada yada… Saying so I would appreciate feedback from my fellow CoETaILers regarding both.


Back to the Future

Okay so back to the final project. After thinking really hard, I decided to go with a preZENtation. Actually it is for the RUA for Teachers that Abby, Joy and I helped put together for Course 2 Final Project. Abby and I had initially only started off with the notion of making it a working document for our school. We had also brought it up with our Critical Friends Group (led by Christina and Lissa) through the Tuning Protocol. This was very valuable as we got some excellent (warm and cool) feedback from the others in our group. It has helped us to make some adjustments to the RUA before we present it to the IT SIP Committee.

Anyways, I felt this would be a good opportunity to take the RUA forward. I emailed Abby if she would like to collaborate for this project, and Lissa to get her advice if was a feasible idea. Once I got their confirmations, I then checked with Robert if Abby and myself can work together again. We could not have done this without your support Robert. YAAYY!!! Thanks!

Moving On…

The next step was sitting down with Lissa ‘The Coach’ to hash out how we take things forward. I realized how difficult it is to coach, you cannot let your ideas overwhelm the other person and at the same time you have to facilitate them in the right direction. And Lissa does this beautifully!

After the chat with Lissa and taking the learnings from Course 3, I listed down some simple strategies for our ZEN style presentation.

  • Plan, plan, plan (WHAT)
  • Put yourself in the audience’s spot and ask (SO WHAT)
  • Make your ideas stick
  • Edit and restrain – leave audience hungry for more (NOW WHAT)


While we’re fine tuning our presentation please don’t go away. Stay tuned for Part II of ‘Looking to the Future’.

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