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A Critical Eye

My first thought when I  read this week’s assignment was to use the slides that I used for my presentation at the PEAK Conference in December 2015. I presented a workshop with a colleague on ‘Coding in Elementary’. On second thoughts, I looked at it with the CoETaIL glasses on and found that we had used pictures from activities in our class. We used appropriate fonts. We had less info on the slides and preferred talking to our audience rather than reading off the slides. BUT… we used one of the Power Point templates available rather than making our own. So if I do the same workshop next time, I will definitely start with a blank slide and own it in every way.

My CRAPless Presentation

So that brought me back to square one. Yikes! When does a Pre-K teacher use slides in her classroom?! Hmmm. STOP! Rewind! Oh yeah, I did use a Power Point in the beginning of the year for Back-to School-Night. I got that out and looked at it and there were so many things wrong with it. Double yikes!!!

Redo, Transform and Redesign

After looking at these slides again, I compiled a long list of mistakes that I had made, but came down to the following most important ones. My Back-to-School-Night slides had:

  1. too much information (no wonder the parents did not really read it after the first two slides)
  2. I did not have any visuals or images
  3. more than three different kinds of fonts
  4. not a good template (too much color)
  5. visual vomit (each slide looked very busy)
  6. lack of prep is evident(I borrowed some information from a colleague)

If I had to redo this presentation (with Power Point or any other software) I will keep the following in mind.

    • Know the audience I have mostly Kuwaiti and Arabic speaking parents
    • Know the situation parents are tired after a long day of work, they do not want to read lengthy slides
    • Slides are an aid not a crutch have handouts ready
    • edit & restrain not too much information, short n sweet
    • Avoid clipart use images (school uniform, students, etc.) to complement content and presentation style
    • BE A STORYTELLER FIRST!!! well I did engage my parents and kept talking to them about the information on the slides – So I guess I should continue to do so

Oh and now I need to remember to keep my CoETaIL glasses on all the time.

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