Playing with Piktochart 

With time on my hand during the winter break, I decided to play with Piktochart. I’m still not satisfied with what I’ve done so far but I decided to put it up so that my readers could help me figure out what I need to do more. So here you go people…

Rahila Mukaddam – Resume | Piktochart Infographic Editor

Source: Rahila Mukaddam – Resume | Piktochart Infographic Editor

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A daughter, sister, wife, mom, teacher and a LEARNER!

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  1. Hi Rahila,

    I love your Piktochart. It is really clear and informative. I’ve been playing around with too…same thing…I had some time on my hands over the break as well.
    Have you seen this in the Flipboard readings? I really found it inspiring. I watched the TED talk right away and applied what I learned to my blogpost for this week.

    By the way…your blog is very interesting and I am following you!
    : ) Tanya

    1. Hi Tanya,
      Firstly, thanks for following my blog. It just makes my day thinking someone thinks my blog worthy of following. Yaayy!

      Thanks for the links too. Yes I love Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk. In fact, our PYP Coordinator used it in of our staff meetings a couple of months back and since then quite a few of us have been using it personally and professionally. Also, Abby Moore and I are working together on our Course 3 final project which is an extension of our Course 2 final project ( We are working to make it a working document for our school. For the planning of the presentation itself we are using the WHY-HOW-WHAT cycle. Would love to see your feedback once we post it here.

      I looked at your resume and I thought the new look is amazingly clean. I specially like the QR code you’ve put in. Your timeline too is very specific. I love the icons from the Noun Project I was recently introduced to them by Ryan Harwood I plan to work more on my resume – once I get the time 😉 Till then feel free to comment on my posts 🙂
      – Rahila

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