RUA for Teachers – Course 2 Final Project and Reflection

An idea is born!

At the beginning of this course I was talking to Lissa, our tech integration coach, and she suggested that since we already have a Student RUA at our school but not a Teacher RUA, we should work on that as our Final Project. I thought it was an excellent idea since we could bring our learning to working use. Isn’t that what we are trying to do with our students – making it meaningful and connected to life.

Online Collaboration

Trying to connect globally for this project wasn’t as big a challenge as I had initially thought. Initially I had tweeted out my cry for help, but then saw that Blair Lockhart had started a sign-up form on the COETAIL Google Community. Initially our group consisted of Abby F, Abby M, Blair, Joy, Kyle and myself. We later split into two smaller groups based on Robert’s suggestion of primary and secondary divisions. We had got the approval from Robert and Rebekah for our project and it seemed that it was going to be a smooth sailing. But then I got really busy with the PEAK Conference. Every year one school in Kuwait hosts the Professional Educators Around Kuwait Conference. This year our school hosted it. Abby Franks, Abby Moore and myself were on the organizing committee and it seems our lives, along with co-chairs Christina Botbyl, Lissa Layman and some others, literally revolved around putting the schedule, program and the whole conference together.

Now that PEAK was over, Abby, Joy and myself got together for a Google Hangout. Joy had already started working on the first draft and posted it in Google Docs. We used the ISTE Standards for Teachers, SAMR model and Common Sense Media for reference for our RUA. For our poster which we have attached to the RUA, we chose to use the IB language – Principled, Communicator and Inquirer. We fine-tuned the RUA and I felt really enamored by the wealth of knowledge Joy and Abby had. It was an exciting experience working together on this project. Now that we have our RUA, we plan to make this a living, working document at our school.

As I went through the articles and videos for this course, something that stood out for me was EMPOWERMENT. We as educators should not be holding back our students, rather giving them the reins to drive their learning through ethical use of technology. We used this as a final word in our poster (posted link also attached at the bottom)Harness the power of the internet to empower your students and improve the world.

RUA Poster for Teachers

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